decision report services

Various Reports

  • Dashboards for managers and management
  • Periodic monetary MIS Reports
  • Revenue reporting – Person, geography, product / solution and SBU-wise
  • Profitability reporting with any given criteria
  • Project-wise profitability tracker
  • Critical Expense Reporting – To enable cost cutting without disturbing current setup
  • Cash flow projection and cash management
  • Sales operations reporting – Order processing, invoicing, collection and support
  • AR and AP monitoring and reporting
  • AMC / Annuity business tracker and sending quotes well in advance
  • Identification of loss of revenue
  • Possibilities of cost control measures without affecting the running set-up
  • Any other reports as per management request
  • Periodic non-monetary MIS Reports
  • Leads / enquiry tracker
  • Quotation tracker
  • Service / Support calls tracker
  • Stores and stock management
  • Escalation points, timeline alerts, validation rules and possible corrective actions for above

Process of MIS Reporting

  • A periodic and systematic reporting system to the management team on all critical parameters of business across all functions to take timely and effective business decisions.
  • Discussing with management for specific pain / development areas they face with respect to Funds planning , Revenues / expenses reports,Cost control and planning – Approval mechanisms, Costing methods, Profitability - Business Unit-wise, Region-wise, Order-wise, Product-wise, etc.
  • Input discipline of accounting and commercial data Comparison with industry standards for few business parameters .
  • Understanding the entire operations of the organization in sync with finance and accounts function.
  • Accounting system used currently and its evaluation Policies and approval processes followed as it is.
  • Financial decision making as it is.Future development aspirations of the organization