fund arrangement services

Being the back-bone of any new initiative or development of existing operations, ICS supports SME’s to get required funding. It is decided based on the need of the organization and repayment capacity. ICS does the entire liaison work with the funding agency – banks or otherwise – from preparation of project report, answering queries and making sure the funds are disbursed.

Your Fund Needs

  • Launch, develop, or expand a business
  • Develop new products and technologies
  • Complete existing projects
  • Expand working capital
  • Make acquisitions
  • Resolve ownership and management issues - e.g. succession in family-owned companies

How We Can Help

  • Help you to target sources of funds
    • Assess the appropriateness of different sources of funding
    • Identify sources for venture capital, angel investors, start-up funding, seed financing, business financing, bridge loans, small business loans, commercial real estate financing, private financing, lease financing and any other business financing
    • Identify alternative funding mechanisms; reprogram existing funds; cost-saving measures
  • Help position your business for potential funding
    • Financial advice
    • Corporate strategy/direction
    • A sounding board for ideas
    • Challenging the status quo
    • Contacts and market information
    • Management recruitment
    • Marketing strategy
  • Help prepare you to approach potential funding sources
    • Development and preparation of a business plan
    • Coaching on issues and questions that sophisticated investors will raise, including conducting mock investor presentations
    • Preparation of investor-quality power-point slide show presentations
  • Assist you in presenting to and dealing with potential investors
    • Introduction of venture capitalists and/or angel investors who focus on your type of businessv
    • Accompanying you and representing you at investor presentations; presentation of the business plan to the venture capitalists, bankers and other source of funds
    • Liaison with the venture capitalists, bankers and other sources of funds


  • Obtaining access to established relationships with VC’s, investment bankers and qualified angel investor
  • Improving the chances of obtaining financing through a thorough targeted preparation
  • Having a third party speak to the viability of a concept to a potential partner or financier
  • Reducing the time in which to reach critical mass "escape velocity" from the crowd of competitors

Our Experience

  • Several studies involving the valuation of companies
  • Engagements on innovative funding techniques for organizations
  • Preparation of business plans for investor funding
  • Preparation of organizations for funding purposes