internal audit


ICS performs critical Internal Audit of operations for various industrial segments such as manufacturing, service and trading operations. This includes critical check of entire operational things including Supply Chain Management (SCM), transactional accuracy, approval processes, documentation validation and statutory compliance.

ICS engages a well experienced team with decades of experience in the field in doing the audit. We believe in making things happen rather than a giving a mere complaint / findings report in order to keep of the doctrine of trust and confidence among the employees in any organization.


Our internal audit reporting is the essential part consisting of reporting of operational issues, suggesting developmental measures and helping the team to implement the same.

Few key points are:

Focus primarily on adding value to and improving the operational efficiency in any organization. It helps an organization accomplish its strategic objectives by bringing a systematic and disciplined approach in all its operational activities considering the risk management, control, and governance processes

Will be an independent appraisal function authorized by the management of an organisation primarily for the review of the internal control system. It objectively examines, evaluates and reports on the adequacy of internal control as a contribution to the proper, economic and effective use of resources

Review of risk management procedures, information systems and governance processes involves periodic testing of transactions, best practice reviews, special investigations, appraisals of compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and measures to help prevent and detect fraud / errors

Preparation of interim accounts and feedback on accounting and financial systems would help in annual finalization of accounts to happen quickly after closure of books in March